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September 16, 2019

     Change is inevitable..seasons..our bodies..our changes...But it is how we respond to change that makes the greatest impact! Do you welcome change or do you run from it? Do you prefer the comforts and predictability of the same routine, people, places, interactions? Because change is not generally within our control, we must find a way to embrace change.

     As I got older, I really started focusing on changes in my life. My circle of friends, fashion choices, how I spent money, and even how I raise my children. Change means growth, evolution, and that's what we want! A few sizes bigger? Use that change to make sure that you are taking care of yourself mentally and physically. Smaller and stronger? Go girl, you rock! Change in your attitude? Hopefully, it's a good change symbolizing maturity and learning. Change in your financial status? AWESOME! Hopefully you've learned balance in your life, controlled your spending, and planning for your future.

     Hello Change...I'm learning to embrace you..learning not to be fearful..and learning how strong and resilient I truly am :-) 



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