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January 03, 2019

What does your wardrobe say about you? Are you a busy mom? Corporate woman? Teacher? Military member? Can you take a quick glance and easily see how much time and effort you put into getting yourself ready? It happens to the best of us! So what's a girl to do?


Shop for versatility! Pick pieces that can easily change your look and can work with different elements in your wardrobe. That sheath dress can be worn independently, under a blazer or cardigan, or accessorized with a scarf or chunky jewelry for 3 different looks! The flowy poncho can be worn with jeans, over tights with a boot, or belted for a edgier look! Don't be afraid of hats, sunglasses, statement necklaces, or layering pieces.


Did you know that a bold lip or nail color makes a great impact without spending much money? Not big on make up? No problem! Groomed eyebrows, lip gloss, and a little mascara or eyeliner, can take years off! Are you overdue for a haircut? Even a trim will help! It's the little things that can update your look with ease and not hurt the wallet. Find what works for you...Take just a few extra minutes a day to plan. You'd be surprised just how easy it is!


As hard as you work every day, make your wardrobe work for you luv! You take care of everyone else, but don't forget to invest in you!

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