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July 04, 2019

When I was younger, I felt so awkward. I wasn't shapely, not distinctly smart, not to mention acne (go away!)... As a young adult and mother, I faced low self esteem as well..I now had stretch marks, a little extra weight at times, and still had those "cute chubby cheeks," that were not cute (who want's to be 26 and just cute?) Fast forward to 35...I was a new woman! Who was this woman? Where did this confidence come from? Mom of a new loving relationship? Yes..all of those things...but more than that, I had learned my worth! Through life experiences, and loving myself..I had learned.

Many times we are faced with adversity and challenges in life..We may wonder why? We me? Why now? But, those challenges help us to grow! We find that inner strength..we find out how important it is to love and forgive ourselves. We learn the importance of having supportive circles and supporting others in their hard times. I learned not to care about those superficial things.  I learned how important health is and how I needed to focus on health in my family and friends.  I learned that I was my own competition..I didn't need to compete with anyone else, worry about what anyone else had to say.. I realized that I was a beautiful and strong woman!

How many times do we compare ourselves to someone else? You know, the friend with the itty-bitty waist, round hips, flawless skin? The friend with the seemingly perfect marriage..the big, big house..or bomb job? Girl, stop that! Pause and really think about all that you have and continue to accomplish right now! Mother hustling for her family...strong woman striving to be healthier..wife working to keep or strengthen her marriage..determined student trying to excel in school..or the woman focused on building a business..All of you should be proud! Hold your head high! Show the world how uniquely divine you are! But more than that...remind yourself! There is no comparison my dear...No one can touch you! Perfectly imperfect..growing in royalty..and destined for greatness!


Be you...No apologies...No explanation..Be You!


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