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January 03, 2019



Tis the season..right? Not for everyone..maybe not for you. The winter and holidays can be a joyous, exciting season for many, but not for all. Did you know that millions suffer from depression during the winter months? Less sunlight, loneliness, and financial problems can cause depression or make it worse. It is easy to get caught up in all of the festivities and forget about people that are alone during the holidays. Some have lost loved ones and are trying to deal with their absence for the first time. What about those military members that are deployed or have loved ones that are gone?


While we're putting up our tree and wrapping gifts, let us not forget to check on the people that we care about. Even more importantly, check on you! How are you feeling? Do you notice that you're feeling down or depressed? Don't feel like putting up a tree, socializing, or celebrating? You are not alone luv! Trying to find something to help you get through those down times? Try exercise (I know, I know..) but a short walk everyday will help! Get bloodwork to make sure there are no deficiencies. Did you know that low Vitamin D levels can directly impact your mood? Low Vitamin B levels can affect your energy levels. Make sure you're getting your rest. Everybody feels bad when they are tired. Crank some feel good music up, grab a glass (not a whole bottle) of wine, or hang out with your friends! But if you're feeling really bad, reach out for counseling. There is nothing more important than making sure that you are ok and that you have the support you need!


Mental health is so important and you can't be the best you without it! You are loved! You are important! Don't forget to check on the people around you. Even strangers need a kind word or a hug. Tis the season for love..compassion..kindness..

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